Tari enrollees


€ 1 per person


Max 6 people


Max second following day

Access as Tari enrollees

Tari members (non-residents) in the Municipality of San Teodoro are entitled to access the beaches with the payment of the reduced measure of 1.00 euros with a reservation requirement. Access is then conditional on the availability of seats for the chosen day and verification of Tari enrollment, which will be done automatically based on the tax code requested in the reservation form.
Reservations may be requested for the current day or for the next day and for the second following day after 6 p.m. on the current day. Therefore, it is not possible to request it for more than one day or for successive periods.

The reservation form can be accessed from this website by clicking on “book the beach” or from the dedicated section in the app.

The Tari User, like other users, will first have to select one of the two beaches and enter the following information:

– Adults: number of people over 12 years old

– Children: number of people between 5 and 12 years old

Which in total may not exceed 6. If the beach has availability for the number of people requested you can proceed with the reservation by clicking continue.

The applicant’s details will then be requested: country of origin and telephone.

The Tari User must then enter his or her tax code in the box (indicated as discount code) to qualify for the price discount.

After pressing on confirmation and on the payment page will have to click on “place order” to be redirected to the payment platform.

The tax code is needed to verify the existence of the Tari utility in the Municipality of San Teodoro.

As a reminder, a user can enter only one daily reservation for the same tax code.

We also specify that:

– individuals over 12 years of age are included in the count and are subject to payment of the fee that does not exist for residents taking into account that admission for them is free;

– individuals over 5 years old but under 12 years old are included in the seat count but are not subject to payment of the prescribed fee;

– individuals under the age of 5 are not included in the seat count and do not pay the fee.